RVU (Statens Vegvesen RVU)


Type of Research: Travel Habit Survey (RVU:Reiser Vane Undersøkelsen)

Purpose: The survey aims to map the transport habits for both young people and adults in Norway. The aim is that transport and transport services planned the best for the future. The survey results are used for many different purposes, including planning of roads and public transport, which can then be drawn up in line with citizens' needs.

Data Collection Method: CAWI & CATI - weekly

Survey Start: August 2016

Target respondents: Norway Population at large

Sampling method: Random Stratification from Sample Frame (pre-collected list of individuals)

Survey content: Travel behaviors (yesterday) & general travel habits

Survey Language: Norwegian

Sample Size: 2500 per year  (app. 50 Weekly)

Project ID: 3209

Project Team: Updated in Project Dashboard (PS-Overview of Big and Tracking Projects)


1. Sample Enrichment (enrich Sampling Frame with tel, etc ...) - SC

2. Sample Management (daily survey plan for target respondents) - DM

3. Mail Merge (Survey Invitation Letter) - DM

4. Questionnaire Scripting - SC

5. Data Processing: Scope TBC - DP

6. Interview Stats: Scope TBC - DM


SVN number: https://svn.epinion.dk/svn/Epinion/002. Custom Project/375. Statens Vegvesen RVU

1. Input : Contain all inputs to produce a.m. Scope of Work: Sampling Frame, Questionnaire, Mail templates, report templates 

2. In Progress: Contains outputs (Scope of Work) and process (e.g. syntax, source code), QA check list from PS team

3. Delivery: Contains final delivery (offline) to Client: data, reports

4. PMO: Contains information relating to Project Management (Plan - Monitor - Control). This includes: Project schedule & task list, track change, Client instructions (which are not included in Input), issue log, etc...


Survey Link: TBC 

SPSSD: Epinion_Stavanger/CATI/P03209 xxxx

Data collection process (= requirement for sample management) - see attached file


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