General Information

What is Online SharePoints Reporting System?

Online SharePoints Reporting System is a system which is used to display Online SharePoints Reports (OSR). Almost OSRs are used to serve Tracking projects. OSRs are usually viewed by field work managers to manage interview’s quality and quantity.


Where do OSRs get data from to display?

Generally, OSRs access to SQL servers to get data (via stored-procedures or SQL queries), format them and display in user-friendly forms.


How are online reports shown?

  • OSRs could be viewed online via server's websites.
  • OSRs could be exported to other file formats such as *.PDF, Excel (*.XLSX), etc. and sent to viewers via emails. (This requires some extra setups and 3rd party's services such as Google Drive)



  • Currently Tang Anh Huy ( is the main PIC for this tool
  • For enquiries and request, please send an email to for support.
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