How to let Data Engine re-create an exisiting table in SQL server?

This instruction is applied for versions of Data Engine that are using in Avinor and Swedavia projects.

To make Data Engine re-create a new table in SQL server, we need to delete the following components in SQL server first:

  • Appropriate existing tables (e.g. "RespData_Domestic_0"). **
  • Appropriate existing stored procedures (e.g. "sp_BulkInsert_RespData_Domestic_0").
  • Appropriate existing User-Defined Table Types (e.g. "RespData_SPSS_Domestic_0Type").

**: If you need to keep a table as a backup, make sure that that table name is totally changed (e.g. "RespData_Domestic_0" --> "Backup_of_Domestic"), DO NOT add some extra texts following the orginal name (e.g. "RespData_Domestic_0" --> "RespData_Domestic_0_backup"). Otherwise, you may experience serveral errors.

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